Crystal iptv reseller panel

for reseller

Different IPTVs are suitable for different areas. Choose your best

Reseller qualification requirements

You need to complete an order of at least 5pcs for 12 months.

you can consider three packages:

1,    order 10-49      pcs    for 12-month subscription  you can get  12x(10-49   )      credit ;

2,    order 50-99    pcs    for 12-month subscription   you can get 12x(50-99)credit;

3,    order 99+        pcs    for 12-month subscription   you can get 12x(99+   )   credit.


packages 1 price              /pcs

packages 2 price             /pcs

packages 3 price             /pcs

1 credit point in the account = 1 month subscription time. A 12 credit score is a 1-year subscription.

Reseller Panel:

1.Assign playlist

2.Assign order term

3.Create test account

4.Create a private account

5.Manage account